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C’mon summer!!

We’ve had amazing weather the past few weeks.  Though, it got really warm (think like 70-75 degrees) 2 weeks ago, which is when I took these pictures.  I made my girls stay outside alllllllll day… we even had lunch out there.  Heck, I even got a wee sunburn!  

I need to stop and say, THE GROUND WAS EVEN DRY!!!  Dry, people, DRY!!!  It hadn’t rained in like 48 hours, which is a miracle.  

And we brought out alllllll of the outside toys, which really isn’t that many, because well, we don’t spend much time outside these days.  

She didn’t like her right foot to be in the grass, but her left was just fine…


The little girl next door is called, “Rebecca,”  which Alanna calls her, “Mabecca.”  They like to play through the fence.  Mabecca was admiring Alanna’s rainbows on her shirt.  Precious times.  



“Mabecca likes my shirt!!!!”



Have a great day!  


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I really don’t love laundry all that much

So, yeah, I started a new blog.  My old blog is attached (well, was) attached to my website- it’s purpose was mainly to serve my photography business.  But, I’ve come to realize over the past months that the UK is not a blogging culture.  At all.  And since the blog was linked from my site, I didn’t feel the freedom to share personal stuff.  For instance, I never felt the freedom to say, “What is up with the food here???”  That wouldn’t go over so well with potential clients now would it.  

So, on the off chance that a past client still has the link to my old blog, I decided to create a new one that I can share more personal stuff.  

And I can finally say, 

“WHAT IS UP WITH THE FOOD HERE???”  One word:  haggis.  Blugh.  

So, in honor of my first wordpress blog, I thought I’d share our little roadtrip that we took with some friends last weekend.  We went to the trossachs, which are the foothills of the highlands.  It’s gorgeous there and we’ve surprisingly had pretty good weather these past few week.  

Here’s some pictures from our adventure:



Alanna giving Ryan a flower


Nora’s up on her feet now. 


Throwing rocks at the beach. 


In true form, Alanna ran into the water.  Adam testifies that it was quite cold.  


Holding her jeans up.  


Have a nice day.  🙂 


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