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Move over Tyra

Alanna needed a new hat for summer time (you know, all 3 days of it, but nevermind).  Tesco was just about out of hats, so all they had were these still stylish looking ones, not the sun hats I was after.  I went ahead and got this one for her and then Nora was like, “hat, hat, HAAAAATTTTT!!!!”  

They are such little supermodels though.  What posers!

Those kids crack me up…  they are such GIRLS!!  

Have a nice day.  🙂


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I will post a video of Alanna speaking Scottish, but this is sooooooooo funny:


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Still here… :)

It’s been ages since I updated my blog!!  My computer died, fortunately though, I got everything off of it.  But, my pictures and stuff have been less accessible since my computer’s demise. It was sad, but she was good to me.  We got that computer when I was pregnant with Alanna.  

At any rate, things are good and we have big news….


we’re epecting….


a move.  haha, NOT a baby.   I repeat, I am NOT pregnant.  🙂  We’re going to be moving into Edinburgh to be closer to the University students.  We’ve realized in recent months that God was calling us to sew into the campus more and we’ve also realized that culturally speaking, we have to move in closer in order to live life with them.  We’re excited!  Please be praying that our house sells soon.  The market is super slow right now, but it is a great market for buyers.  I’m not going to lie, city life kind of scares me a bit….  it’ll be all good though.  God’s provided us with great homes in the past.  He is faithful, I know he’ll provide us with a great one this time.  

The girls are doing well.  They’re a lot of fun these days.  Alanna just says the funniest stuff.  This morning she announced that she needed to go and check her email.  Ha!  Nora is in full toddler mode.  She’s lots of fun… I love to see her explore and learn, but I do miss the baby Nora.  She’s talking a lot and slobbering up a storm, haha.  It’s really fun to see them starting to play together.  

My post wouldn’t be complete with some pictures, so here are a few snaps that I’ve gotten lately.  

Nora being silly:

I love that her hair looks like she has wings.  She’s following in her sister’s footsteps with growing a mullet. 🙂 


Apparently, it’s really funny when your sister pushes you over.  For the record, Nora was laughing in all of these.  

This is like the cutest thing ever.  Really.  Ever. 

When Alanna’s ready to read to Nora, she sits down and puts her legs out and says, “Alright Nora, come and sit on my tummy!”  It’s very cute.  

This AWESOME American couple at our church had a 4th of July shindig, so we went out for that.  And surprisingly, it was warm enough to be outside this year.  Until the shade covered their patio… it was too cold at that point.  🙂  They have the cutest dog named Zippy. Alanna was a little unsure of Zippy at first, but in a few hours, she and Zippy were tight.  Alanna would throw his ball, he’d get it, and she’d say, “Great going, Boy!”  I think she got that line off of Mickey Mouse.  

Alanna on the 4th. I love this face that she pulls.  

Stay tuned for a video of Alanna speaking Scottish… 

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