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Catch up time!!

I love to document and preserve our family memories and photographs.  But sometime I just can’t keep up with it.  And becuase I’m OCD (not really, or really?), it really bothers me when I get behind.  So the more I get behind, the more I avoid catching up.  Weird, I know.

I told Adam a few months ago that we couldn’t have another baby until I catch up with my scrapbooking.  “If I can’t keep up, then life’s moving too fast,”  is exactly what I said.

Anyway, I’m behind on the blog and it has been bugging me.  But, I’m going to catch up. Right now.

11 October:
Adam took Alanna on a date, so me and Nora got to have some time together.  It was so fun… something we don’t get to do often.  Nora LOVES bubbles, so we had a good ‘ol time blowing bubbles until I felt like I was going to faint.

She pulled out the Karate moves on those bubbles.

And kept asking me for “BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG bubbles.”

Her teeth really aren’t that crooked.  But she does really drool that much.

And here’s her looking all angelic (with her drool).

This bubble didn’t stand a chance.

12 October

Alanna and I did these little grow a monster capsules.  And then we I made a monster house for them (I got a little carried away…).  Nevermind that Alanna has since ripped all of their appendages off.

I later added a door.

The monster house comes complete with bed (and actual blanket), monster couch, wall with attached tv (they are always watching Dora as you can see), and table.

I lead an exciting life…. (okay, but really I do).

14 October:

Adam left of London.  And not gonna lie, I was dreading it.  I mean, not him getting to go London (okay, maybe a little teensy tinsy bit), but more me being with the kids alone for a week.

That morning, I woke up and got in the shower, came downstairs, got breakfast all laid out on the table.  The girls were still sleeping which was odd…. they don’t sleep past 8:00 usually. Adam had left at about 7:30.

Nora woke up, so I went and got her and brought her down.  At that point, I realized that the refrigerator was warmish.  I had JUST gone to the grocery store the day before.  Now, this has happened before, so we called a guy to come out and fix it.  He charged us £100 to chip some ice away from the back part of the inside of the freezer.  See, turns out that the fridge part is cooled via the freezer, so when ice clogs up the fan in the freezer, the cold air doesn’t get up into the fridge.  I wasn’t ABOUT to pay some guy £100 to come and chip away some ice.  Nor was I about to let all of those groceries go bad like happened the last time.

Enter plumber Hope.

Nora’s sitting there eating her breakfast, and I pulled out the tools.  Yes I did. The screwdriver. I’ve been known to pick one up in my day.

I proceeded to pull apart the freezer.

See, there’s the screwdriver right there at the bottom.

LOOK at all of that ice!!!!  How it gets there, I do not know.  So, I started chipping away the ice.  And totally sliced my finger on part of the piece that I had taken off.  Fun.  Got a band aid (that’s a plaster for all 2 of my British readers).

I put all of the ice on the towel and set it in the washing machine.  It was 9:00 by this point and Alanna still wasn’t up.  I went up to get here, and you won’t believe it, but she had BARFED in her bed.  HELLO, I DON’T DO BARF!!! I got the barfy sheets off her bed (poor thing, she looked TERRIBLE) and took them downstairs and put them in the washing machine.  I took the icy towel out first and put it in the sink.  Started the washing machine and went back upstairs to put new sheets on Alanna’s bed.  She just wanted to lay there, so I got her a verrrrry small cup of water (I practially starve my children when they barf, so that they don’t, you know, barf again) and let her sit in her bed for awhile.

I got back downstairs, and bless her, Nora is just sitting at the table asking for more breakfast.  I gave her Alanna’s, because there was NO way I was going to let Alanna eat all of that food. Nora ate 2 breakfasts that morning, haha.

I looked in the laundry room and water was POURING out of the washing machine.  No lie.

Cleaned it up, realizing that it had only been about 2 hours since Adam left for London.

Fortunately, the rest of the day was pretty low key.  We watched movies alllllll day long. And Alanna did not barf again, which I was very thankful for.

Poor baby.

17 October:

Alanna was all better by that Friday.  We were reallllllllllllly ready for Adam to come home.  And by we, I mean me.

She built a bunch of little houses.  I love to see her imagination at work these days.

18 October:

Daddy’s coming home today!!  Alanna decided to get Nora all dolled up with some lip smackers orange lip gloss.


I decided that we needed to go out and try and get some good sunset pictures.  The sun set here at like 11:00 in the summer time, so I don’ t ever get the opportunity to take sunset pictures in the summer.

Unfortunately, it is FA-REEZING when we actually do get to see the sunset.  We gave it go anyway, though Alanna didn’t last long.

It was unfortunately really windy that day as well.  So, I got this one picture before the umbrella knocked Alanna off of the stool.  She was not happy.

So I tried to get her to bounce on the stool to keep warm.  She looked at Nora like, “Can you believe what Mom is making us do??”

But then she got into it.

Though Nora didn’t.

Nora:  “Mom, I’m walking out, right now.”

So, Nora got to go back in the car so I could torture photograph my eldest a bit more.

She fought with that umbrella some more.

I was happy to have gotten that one though. 🙂

And this one.

Then she broke out in the Macarena

And then she said, “Look, Mom, there’s fairies in this enchanted field…”

Then it was Nora’s turn.

She liked my flash talking to her. haha.

She’s so happy.  I love it.

23 October:

Nora needed to show her FSU pride.

Love that chipped toe nail polish.

Alanna modeled her ear rings, aka, the clips I use to hold the wash cloth to my mop.

And that’s all the stamina I (and probably you have too) for today.

On a side note, Alanna’s watching cars right now, why oh why do they have to use the word “Hell” (twice) and “Sexy” in a children’s movie????   Don’t they KNOW that children repeat things????  Argh.


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The end of a mostly rainy day here in Scotland.

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So, today, I had this small package that I needed to mail to Edinburgh.  There are 2 post offices in the small town that we live in.  I opted for the one that has its own parking lot.  Like, you know, you drive up, get out of the car and go in to the post office right in front of me. The other post office is in the middle of town in the back of a small grocery store.  There’s no parking lot for this post office, you have to find one on a street somewhere nearby.  

Let me say that this post office that I have chosen to go to is ghetto.  It has the weirdest hours… like 9-12, and then 4:30-5:00.  So, I thought I was safe to be going in the morning.

Let me also say at this point that there were gale force winds today.  Like, the bridges were shut down today for double decker buses.  That’s windy.  And it was pelting sideways rain today.  And cold.  And I had the kids with me.  And we were out of gas, which meant that we’d be going to the gas station-  we’ve not gotten the pay at the pump revelation here yet, so I’d be taking the girls out of the car again to go pay.  And then go to Tesco to get groceries. 

So, post office, gas station, Tesco.  Say it with me, “post office, gas station, Tesco.”  I’m the map I’m the map I’m the map I’m the map, I’m the MAPPPPPPPPPP.

(Only people with young children who watch Dora will get that, sorry.)

Went to the post office.  Parked, got the kids out of the car, we’re about to blow over.  Went in, set my little padded envelop on the counter, the post guy looks at it and says,

“We don’t sell postage here.” 

Um, this is a post office right???  Like, you should sell STAMPS, and be open like, ALL the time so that people can come and MAIL their packages with the STAMPS that you should sell them and I don’t want to drive to the other post office and have to find a place to park on the street and then have to get the kids out of the car and put Nora in the stroller andtheircoatsaresopuffythatican’tholdontothem and why oh WHY did I fix my hair this morning??????  

I kept my cool.  Stuffed the kids back into their car seats with their puffy coats on.  And went to the gas station.  Alanna asked where we were going.  I told her the car was thirsty and she said, “But, we don’t have a cup for the car.” 


We went and got gas.  Out of the car, into car, yadda yadda yadda. 

Went to post office number 2, found a parking spot, got the umbrella stroller out, stuffed Nora in, Alanna took her time.  Pelting rain, GALE force winds. 

Went to the little grocery store with the post office, and there’s not kidding, THIRTY people in line.  The line is wrapping through this little grocery store.  The computers at the post office in the town next to the one we live in have crashed. 

And heaven forbid that we have more than ONE place that sells POSTAGE per town. 


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8 October (yeah, I’m behind)

We went and met up with my friend, Fran, and her little boy, Ryan, at Butterfly World.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself there.  One, because it was HOT HOT in there…. reminded me of Florida.  I could sit in there alllllllll day though and take pictures of those butterflies.  I didn’t feel that I got to spend enough time taking some good pictures, so I’m definitely planning on going back sometime without the kids.  

I love that you can see through this one’s wings.

This one was SOOOOOO cool:

This one liked our stroller.

I thought the girls would think it was cool that the butterflies would fly close to them, but I was way wrong. They were totally freaked out, screaming like, well, girls when the butterfiles got close. 

This butterfly was by far my favorite.

I sat and waited for this one to open its wings, but it just wouldn’t.  Still a cool angle though.

There were also some fish to see.  As well as a reptile and insect house.  Fran and I didn’t like it in there.  There were these ants crawling on ropes right above our heads.  It makes my head itch just thinking about it. 

Alanna thought this fish was “soooooooo cute”. 

Ryan was looking quite cute. 

Alanna’s hair got SUPER curly at butterfly world.  It was humid in there.  Fran said she was starting to look like Monica on, “Friends,” you know, the epidsode where they’re on holiday and her hair keeps getting frizzier and frizzier.  


Anyway, we were sad to see this.

Alanna looked at this lizard and said, “He’s got a bad attitude.” 

We had a lot of fun together.  🙂

On the way home, the sun was so pretty, about to set.  I don’t ever get to take sunset pictures with the kids in the summer, when we have remote chance that it will be warm, because the sun sets at like 11:00.  And I’m not about to keep the kids up that long.  

So, I decided to stop off and take a few pictures of Alanna in a field.  But she was soooooo not in the mood for pictures. 

Better go, Nora’s up and Alanna is trying to talk to her through the baby monitor.  🙂

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Concerning Recipes and Fake Babies

Lisa got me hooked on  I love that site!  However, I can’t get it off the British settings, when I really, I just want American food suggestions.  

Steak and Kidney Pie- No.

Vegetarian Haggis- Absolutely not, even though I guess that’s better than the non vegetarian kind.

Mushy Peas- Um, no.

Cawl- What’s that?

Cock a leekie soup- again, what’s that??

Banofee Pavolova- yea, I might have to try that.  I like me some banofee pie. 

I meant to add this screen shot to my fake babies post, but forgot.  So here it is for you now. 

“These babies are better than real ones, because this babies don’t bother you along the nitht> and they don’t poop.  or vomit milk or get sick or anything.”

I just don’t even know what to say about that…

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The 1st through the 4th.

We’re watching a show about people with narcolepsy right now.  No time better than the present to update the blog.  🙂  

But seriously, can you imagine just falling asleep anywhere at like, any time?  

Thanks to all of the friendly love from my last post.  Yes, I think that we should have a street somewhere in the world that we all live on.  You know, those of of us that like each other, haha.  

Apparently, Ariston had quite the impression on Nora with his glasses.  She’s grown quite fond of wearing Mr. Potato Head’s around the house.  Cracks me up.

Speaking of Nora, I just went through all of her clothes and stored the ones that are now too small, replacing them with the next bigger size in the garage left over from Alanna.  It is SO weird to see her wearing the clothes that Alanna wore when Nora was born.  I can’t stand putting up all of those sweet girl clothes…  I hope that we have another girl some day to put in those clothes. 

I found these red pajamas in the new batch of clothes.  Alanna never wore them, probably because me and mom got them (and some other clothes) at a consignment sale when I was pregnant with her, before we knew if she was a boy or a girl.  They are definitely more boyish than girlish, but I just knew Nora would look hilarious in them.  Since she has the infamous Mabry toddler belly. 

That’s a 10 pound sausage in a 5 pound bag if you ask me.

Adam asked why I put the onesie on underneath.  I saw that the snaps were pulling and thought her tummy would get drafty.  

It was really hard to stuff her legs in there.  

You know your life is exciting when you get joy out of seeing this:

That’s a confused grape right there.

We’ve had some good quality time with friends lately. Mark and Miranda came over while Adam was gone last weekend.  We had a reallllly healthy dinner.

The next night, Natahsa, Ian, and Nathan came over for our second annual family fun night.  It wasn’t as um, grand as the first one.  The theme was America/ fried chicken. 

George made an appearance as well.  

We said the pledge of allegiance.  Natasha was thrilled.  

So, now we’re watching a show about birds of paradise.  They look C.R.A.Z.Y. That black thing IS the bird.

So, the bird’s dancing around, and Adam’s going, “You know you want me, you know you want me…”  

It would probably be funnier if you were here with us.  Which is why need to live on the same street.  

One more thing and I’ll put you out of your misery with this post.

I took these shots of Alanna the other day.  She’s so pretty.

She looks so OLD!

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I miss her.

This is my friend Janna,

sometime in 2006, when we went back to America.  We’ve seen each other a few other times (including when she came to visit last year!  THAT was awesome) since then, but we haven’t taken our picture together since 2006.  Janna, that is unacceptable.  Next time we see each other, we HAVE to have someone take our picture together. 

Anyway, I’m just missing her today.  She’s one of those friends… the kind that you want to hang out with even if you don’t have anything to say, the kind that you can tell your MOST embarrassing stories with (Janna definitely has me beat in this dept.), the kind that listens to you when you’re struggling and doesn’t even feel the need to try and fix it for you.  

One day I hope that we live down the street from each other.

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