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Sick Day




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A belated Thanksgiving tale

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Paris Day 4

On our last day in Paris, the sun came out.  Our whole time there, the weather had been very Scottish.  So I was excited to see the sun.

And I will also say at this point that me and my mom hadn’t gone shopping.  Let me say it again… we had not shopped.

But the sun had come out.  And I really wanted to get some pictures of the Eiffel Tower with a blue sky.  So, I made a deal with my mom that I would go out and snap some quick pictures of the Tower.  The shops opened at 10:00, we were downstairs in the hotel lobby by 8:30.  My mom said it was fine for me to go back to the Tower as long as I was back by 9:15.  9:15.

The tower was a trek away, so I knew that I’d have to hoof it.

I took a few picitures along the way, excited that the sun was out.  You know, the day that we were to leave, but oh well.

I finally made it to the tower.  Now, I only really had time to take pictures of it from afar.

But I just couldn’t resist walking up closer to get a few more pictures (even though the sky wasn’t very blue).

Here’s where it got a little hairy.  I then realized that I didn’t have enough time to walk back to the hotel for 9:15.  In time for shopping.  No problem, there was a taxi stand right there, so I decided to just catch a cab back with the spare change that I had in my pocket.

I stood there for about 5 minutes and watched about 25 occupied taxis drive by.

So, I decided to walk back a different way, which was a bad bad idea.  I got sooooooo lost.  I was just hurrying and the more and more I walked, the more and more lost I got.  Which meant that I had to ask someone for help to get back.  Fortunately, I met the nicest French lady ever, who didn’t speak much English.  She walked me allllll the way back to my hotel, all the while talking to me in French like I knew what she was saying.  I motioned to her that my mom was going to chop my head off because I was running late.  And she looked worried for me.

I got back, mom wasn’t too mad.  And honestly, it was 9:45, and we had plenty of time to make it to the shops by 10:00.  But, really, it was a shame that we didn’t have more time to shop and look around.

We went back to the hotel and I took a few last pictures.

And then we were off!  We had such a good time.  I am so thankful to my mom for taking me there!  And I definitely want to go back.  Paris is a beautiful city.  You should go.

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Paris Day 3, 2 weeks later.

I will get caught up.  I can recover from this… 🙂

On Day 3 of our excursion, we went to Musee D’orsay.  This museum is in old train station.  And it has the coolest clock ever.

We saw some ridiculously famous art.  It was amazing to see it in person.

I could have sat in that museum all day long with some Ravel or Debussy playing on my ipod.

We had lunch there at the museum, which was definitely the best meal we had in Paris.  I won’t hold it against my mom that she got the cheese platter salad combo thing.  Even though it smelled like feet.  And she tricked me into eating the stank nastiest piece of cheese ever.

I had an interesting view at lunch.


Really, that was my view, I was sitting down eating when i took that one.

After we left mom’s stinky cheese and the amazing art, we decided to head over the the Louvre.

Honestly, by this point, we were a little bit museumed out.  And the Louvre is HUGE.  It’s kind of like being at a restaurant with too many choices on the menu. So, we went and saw Winged Vicrtory and the Mona Lisa.

Not that you can really see the Mona Lisa in that one, haha.  I did get one of her in focus though.

We kicked that pig and headed over to Notre Dame.

The good thing about going to Paris in November was that the crowds weren’t too bad, but there’s not as much daylight.  So, unfortunately, we didn’t get to really appreciate the windows in Notre Dame because the sun was quickly setting. However, the mom had bought me a tripod, so I set that baby up and took some long exposure shots before it got too dark.


By the time we made it around to the other side of the cathedral, it was pretty dark outside.

I took a few more spots outside and we were off to get lost on the metro again.  Actually, we didn’t get lost on the metro, just a bit turned around trying to get to the metro.

I’ll be back with the last day, promise!!!

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