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Snow for Sand

We are coming back to the good ol US of A at the beginning of March and staying until the beginning of May.  Let me tell you, my pregnant bootie is ready for some good food.  Chick-fil-A here we come!  

Annnnddd, I am super excited to be trading in our snow for some sand!  We will most definitely be spending some time on the beach.  It will be so fun this time as Nora isn’t a baby and up on her feet.  The beach will be much more accessible.  Although, I’m still trying to work out the whole bathing suite issue…  pregnant+bathing suit= well… let’s just say, it ain’t pretty.

At any rate, I’m going to be doing photo shoots while we’re back in America.  Which I am super excited to do, because I want to be OUTside!! 

I’m offering a disk only deal similar to what I offered when we were back last year.  Since we’re back for a short time, I’m not wanting to have to deal with prints and what not.  Even though I don’t normally sell digital files, I think it’ll be the easiest thing to do.  The difference this year is that the files will only be printable up to 5x7s, with your choice of 3 files printable up to an 8×10.  If you require explanation, you can let me know.  🙂  The disk will have between 15-20 digital files, in both color and black and white.  The shoot is for up to 2 hours at one location. 

And to further entice you, if you refer a friend, I’ll take 50 buckaroos off the price of the disk, OR add up to 5 more images to your disk.  If you refer 3 friends, I’ll give ya the whole deal for FREE.  Please feel free to refer on my blog to friends.  However, please advise them that my blog is mostly personal snapshots and to click for the link to my website.  Here’s the link to my site if you are having problems finding it:

If you would like to see pricing, you can email me at As well, we can sort out dates.  There will be a few days here and there that I won’t be in Florida.  

While I’m excited to see some sand, I will say that the snow is a nice break from the rain.  We’ve really enjoyed playing it this week.  

She looks like such a girl these days!  I can’t believe how much my little girl is growing up.


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Celebrate Life

This little gem is courtesy of my friend, Jenny. And really, you need to watch all 10 minutes of it. I know it’s long, but if you don’t, you’ll miss great things like, “shake, shake,” “latin fever,” the “pelvic pump…”  I promise you it won’t be 10 minutes of your life that you’ll regret. 

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Barf on my Mind

I was looking on my wordpress statistics or whatever you call them the other day, and noticed this:


You’ll notice the top searches there.  

Just for fun, I googled “barfing virus” and yup, my blog came up first in the search results. 


I’m not going to complain about the constant barfiness that I feel in this early part of pregnancy, because 1. It means that the baby is doing okay, and 2.  There are many women out there what only wish that they could even get pregnant and feel barfy and have a baby. 

But the barfiness has indeed been on my mind.  

So, I went to this website,  They’ve got a nice little assortment of items to purchase to help with morning sickness.  I found this particular item to be quite interesting:



I quote:

“This sporty compact bag comes with extra-large opaque leak-proof plastic liner bags that attach to a durable…” 

“You can also carry it alone by the handle or as a clutch. The bag is very compact when folded, yet when expanded it can hold well over 1/2 gallon of fluid.”


First off, I’m so so glad that they included the picture presentation of how to use the bag.  Really, barf bag people, I think we can put 2 and 2 together an figure out how to barf in the bag.  And I love how the lady nicely places it on her seat and drives off. 

Barf bag people, do you think that sportiness is something that people look for in a barf bag??? 

And finally, barf bag people, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND wants the option of carrying their BARF around in a clutch???? Can you imagine??  1/2 a gallon of BARF nestled under your armpit???  


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