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I had so much fun with these boys yesterday.  And they are all boy.  Which was really fun to capture.  🙂

I absolutely l.o.v.e. this shot.  So much so that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to show it to you in color or black and white. So you get both.

This shot cracks me up… I asked the boys to tell me who had the stinkiest feet and they promptly replied, “DAD!”  You can see the look on Daniel’s face…  lol.

I hope that doesn’t ruin the shot for you, Jennifer.  🙂


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Sunshine on my Shoulder

Seriously, I have wanted to break out this song many times upon going outside.  It is SO sunny and nice.

I got to go out and do 2 photo shoots yesterday. And we even sat in the grass. And said grass didn’t drench us. Here is the beautiful D family that I did first yesterday.  Look out for family numero dos tomorrow.  🙂

And here is their cutie patootie baby… I just want to eat her up.

See what I mean?

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Boston Days 1-3

We flew into this beautiful sight on Friday. 

Welcome to Boston!

On Saturday, we took a little walk through the part of Boston that we are staying in (we’re staying with a friend of ours… super nice).  We ended up in the not so good part of that little area.  Let’s just say that we walked by this hispanic guy that was yell/ talking to us.  It was strange.  Then we walked by a car that had been sprayed all down the sides by gun shots.  Nice.  

We got out of there rather quickly. 

Prior to going on our ghetto walk, we went to this really great little restaurant grocery store thing.  Janna enjoyed it, even though Donny was a little sad that the real Janna couldn’t be here

Nevertheless, the food was good.

Next we went to Boston Commons.  

Janna was quite impressed with the architecture. 

Whoa, Janna climbed high for that shot. Adam had to pull her down, because clearly, that little black clutch is not large enough to house her parachute. 

We continued to walk.  Adam was interested in doing a city tour.  

Janna was not convinced that this would be a bah-gin.  Turns out, she was right.  

We enjoyed the sights as we walked around.  Don’t worry, Janna was safe in my back pocket, with her legs hanging out. 

Janna was a bit worried about this, but we assured her that we’d keep her safe even though her shoulders were bare.  

The guys consulted the map…

While Janna had a little chat with this guy.

Aw, how sweet, they match.

It was Janna’s idea to go to Faneuil Hall next.  I was starting to feel rather green by this point of the day, wishing that I had not expended so much energy in the ghetto.  Not many pictures were taken. But, I do have it in mind to go back and walk around this part of Boston. 

I did however, enjoy this shot.

Janna was rather tired herself.  And cold.  So we decided to go back to the apartment and have a little rest time. 

Later that evening, we got the incredibly awesome chance to go and see the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  For free, party people.  My friend who we are staying with has a great roommate who hooked us up.  

Janna looked smashing for the evening.  

Janna was a little distracted by the theremin player.  I couldn’t blame her though.  Click here to see what we mean. 

The pianist, however, was freaking amazing.  I LOVED hearing him play.  

My friend got us into the party after the concert.  It was very fancy and had good food.  Yeah, we’re kind of a big deal now.

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Janna goes to Boston

I have so much catching up to do.  Lots of fun and funny stuff has happened lately, so it will be coming soon!!

Here’s where we are… we arrived in America on Tuesday  after a very very loooonnnnnnnnnggggg flight over.  It was a 24 hour flight that should have only been about 12 hours, TOPS.  That’s all I have to say about that right now. 

We drove up to Panama City from Tampa on Wednesday.  And then got to Boston on Friday (last night).  

Let me just stop and say that our children were angels on the flight over.  Really they were… they complained way less than I did.  Of course, they had little TV screens on the seat in front of them for our long flight over, full of kids movies.

So, here we are in Boston.  Donny Fisher is up here with us.  Unfortunately, his better half  was not able to come, since her baby is still a bit young.  

I miss my friend and couldn’t bear for her to miss out on the fun.  So, we made this little representation of her to go and see the sites with us. 


I think she looks quite fetching, don’t you? She may be a little cold, since there still snow on the ground, but being the hot girl that she is, she decided to rough it out.  Donny hasn’t seen her yet, but I think he will be quite pleased.  

We’ve gotta run, but there will be more soon.  🙂

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