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Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry that I’ve neglected you the past few months.  Don’t take it personally. There’s a lot that I’ve wanted to get done before the new baby gets here.

I’ve caught up on a year and half of scrapbooking, de-girled the baby room, which included sewing all of the bedding ( don’t worry, blog, I’ll show you some pictures), made a Blurb book for all of our family photos of 2008, started the nesting process around the house, potty trained Nora, oh, and yeah, I’ve grown a human.  Who is getting rather large.

Blog, I do hope that we can hang out more often now that I’m getting too massive to move around and do things.



Here’s a brief recap of the March through May.

We spent March and April in the states.  It was glorious!  The sunshine!  The food!

I got to see this lovely lady.  I miss her…  😦

We stayed at Adam’s grandparents’ condo (SUCH a blessing!) while we were back.  I got this shot one evening as a storm was rolling in.

We came back to Scotland at the beginning of May.  The girls woke up on mother’s day morning BOTH barfing simultaneously in their beds. Lovely.  They passed out on the floor of the room (I’m so mean, I wouldn’t even let them stay on their beds, but hey, I put padding on the floor) for 4 hours.  I’m not gonna lie, it was kind of nice… I got half the day to myself!

We’ve had an AMAZING summer so far.  It started out on this day when we went outside for a walk and realized that we didn’t need coats.  Look at these cute sisters!

Nora started potty training in May.  The idea was that we’d get it done before the baby arrives, and I thought that she’d do well given that she’s so verbal and that she doesn’t like messes at all.  Well, she’s done well with pee, but poop, that’s another story.  We’re working on it though.

Speaking of verbal, this shirt fits Nora’s personality to perfection.

We went over to this park one day and fed the ducks.  There were some vicious geese there though, so we ended doing more walking than feeding the ducks.

After we got home, I slept for about 2 hours.  You’d think that I had just run a marathon!  This pregnancy has been the most tiring of all of them.  But, I’m not going to go into details, because I don’t want to complain!

Since we’ve lived in Scotland, I measure summer by the number of days that we can sit outside and the girls can be in the wading pool in bathing suits.  Last year, that was 1/2 of a day.  Really.  It only got warm enough for 1/2 of a day to whip out the wading pool.  This summer?  More than SEVEN days!  Bring on the global warming I say!

This is Nora’s surprised face.  She’s quite fond of it.

I even made sweet tea on one of those sweltering days (haha, it only got up to about 78-80 degrees).

So, there ya have it!  I’ll be back with June later!  June was an exciting month.  🙂


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