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Comings and Goings Photographic Style

Wow, it has been a long time since I blogged.  Life caught up with me.  You know, what with my newborn and an international move.  Anyway, here’s a catch up of life the past couple of months.

Nora l.o.v.e.s being a big sister.

Cole has changed so much since this pictures was taken.  I believe he was only 3 weeks old in this picture.

In October, we went out and took some Fall pictures.

My little dude.  Again, he’s changed so much since then.

The sister paparazzi.

Bumbo time!

Geez, I miss these Scottish sunsets already.  This was just behind our house on the bike path.

We took one last trip to butterfly world with Fran and Ryan.  Alanna was more brave this time around and actually held a butterfly.

My pretty big girl.

Alanna’s last day of school.

Family pictures, courtesy of Mark Kelly.  Nora was in such a fabulous mood.  Not really.

My favorite part of this post…  I like to call it, “Shake Yo Face 2009.”

Aren’t we so lovely?

Aw, precious.

Then came moving day.  Cole was unimpressed.

But I was impressed with the movers’ ability to pack all of our stuff on a 20 ft. crate.  Yes, they are holding the door shut as they latch it closed.  It was that full.

We had some friends over for one last hoo-rah.  Some memorable moments included:

-Cole falling asleep on Ailsa

-Gordon falling asleep on the floor and the rest of us turning the lights off and leaving the room.

If you are wondering why we are on the floor, it is because our stuff was on said 20 ft. crate above.

Our last Sunday at church.

Adam’s big melon.

That day was sad.

I don’t like goodbyes.

Our church family put on an incredibly humbling going away reception for us.   I couldn’t believe how many people came.

Ms. Grace will be very much missed by my girlies.

Our plane ride back.  Some friends of ours call flying internationally with children a, “mid Atlantic wrestling match.”  So true.

Nora rode in style.

More thoughts on our move coming soon.  Maybe.  🙂


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