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Dear Alanna

You’ve been 5 years old for 9 days now.   Proper kid age.  You’ll never guess what I’m going to say next…

I can’t believe that you are 5 years old.

On one hand, it seems like yesterday, we were here…

But on the other hand, I find it hard to remember what you were like as a baby.

No amount of scrapbooking or journaling can bring back those memories in their fullest.  Time moves too quickly.

I have a tendency to miss the past and look to future.  So, I’m working on resting in the present.  And enjoying it.  And I do- I enjoy you now.

We’ve come a long long way.  I regret to say that I have made countless mistakes.  And been frustrated way too many times with you.

Those times I wish I could forget.

Being the firstborn has its perks though.  I will always always cherish my time with you as an only child.

Everything is new for us with you.  Every new word you read or write, every 100 piece puzzle you put together, every “project,”  (you love projects), every act of compassion that you have on a sibilng– it’s all just so exciting.

Alanna, my beautiful daughter, I love you so very much.

I look forward to the next 5 years…

on one hand… but please, can you just stop growing up for awhile?

I am so proud of you and the girl that you are becoming.

I am just so incredibly thankful that I get to be your mother.


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