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Hi, I’m a Pastor’s Wife

It was the fourth of July and we went to watch the fireworks with some new friends of ours, who happen to be attending our church. We were sitting on the pavement right next to the Charles River with all 3 kids.

I must note, that these friends of ours, are awesome. We had not spent a ton of time together at this point, but really, they are awesome.

I was trying to tell my new friend about how Cole sucks his finger.  Not his thumb or even his pinky, but his index finger.

And I said:

“He’s a finger su… finger…. su….  SINGER FU*********”


Hi I’m a pastor’s wife.


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The best thing ever

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It all began when…

I was sitting on the couch with my bare feet on the wood floor.  I felt a rumbling if you will.

Actually, it all began before this.

I told Adam, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see rain in my life.” It’s been hot here people.  Now chillax, I know it hasn’t been as hot here as it’s been where you live, you know where highs are at like 110 degrees.  But give us a break, we don’t have AC (well, we have one portable one that makes a bit more bearable).  So, no central AC, plus highs of 92 (we even had a day of highs at 100), means, rain is a good thing.

Not ever once ever even one little itty bitty time while we lived in Scotland did the words, “I’m so happy that it is raining,” ever leave my lips.

Back to where it at all began.

I felt a rumbling sensation under my feet.  I told Adam, ” Come and feel this.”  He walks over, rolling his eyes at me, saying in his mind (I could totally hear it though), “You are such a paranoid freak.”

He may feel this way because well, I may or may not have called the gas company swearing I could smell gas in our house.  I may or may not have done that twice…  (two houses people, two houses).

Me:  “Maybe you should go and check the basement.”

Because I’m a paranoid freak, my first instinct was to think that there was a fire.  The rumbling was coming from right above the washer and dryer.

Have I ever mentioned that I am petrified of house fires. Like, maybe a few times I’ve stayed awake in my bed thinking of how I’m going to gather my three children and break open a window with a kiddie chair while they all hold onto me for dear life.  Adam will of course be waiting on the other side of the window to catch them and whisk them away to safety.

I’ve only done that… you know… a few times.

Adam goes to the basement and I hear some commotion.  My heart starts thumping… okay, Hope, you know what to do, you have a plan to bust outta here in case of fire.

I run to the back of the house to see what’s up, and he yells, “THE BASEMENT IS FLOODING, THE BASEMENT IS FLOODING.”  I run down there, and there is water SPEWING from the pipes down there.  At that moment, there was about 5 inches of water in the basement.  The rumbling that I felt was water bursting forth from the exit drain of the washer.

At that moment, we kind of panicked, running around in little circles, saying breathlessly,

Who do I call”

“I don’tknow.”

“What… do I do”

“Our furniture down here is going to be ruined.”

“What do I do”

(When then proceed to lift furniture onto a very wobbly table… it’s furniture that we are trying to sell.)

“Ohmygosh…. is this TOILET WATER???”


“Who do I call”

Seriously, I hope I get to see a playback of that scene when I get to heaven.  I’m sure it would be hilarious.

The long and short of it is:  we had a flash flood on our street, the sewer (AND I MIGHT ADD THE SANITARY SEWER) backed up and the pipes in our basement backed up as well.  It happened to several people on our street.

The word on the street (haha) is that this has only happened like one other time.  That comes from a reliable source named Ray who has lived here all of his life.

Our poor landlords (kind of an older couple from Portugal) came and spent alllllll afternoon pumping the basement out after the rain stopped and the flooding receded.  We didn’t realize how long they had been down there, or I would have sent Adam to go and help (I’m sure he would have looooooved that).

Anyway, that was our day. I don’t think that anything got damaged, thank goodness.  The washer and dryer… we’re not so sure about them.  Which brings me to this:

Dear Hope,

You know how you were all excited about being caught up with the laundry yesterday?  Sorry.  Not anymore .  Hopefully you can get caught up on Monday if the washer and dryer still work.   Just step away from the stress… step away.



*Good water.  Not the crazy flood-your-basement-flash-flood water.

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Dear Hope

Dear Hope,

Well, you are 28 years old now.  Congratulations.

I figured that since everyone else gets letters, that you should get one too.  I mean, you’ve come a long way.

You love to be at home, being a mom.  You like other things too though, like photography, scrapbooking, sewing clothes for the kids, etc. Hm, 2 out of 3 of those things are related to the kids.  Maybe you should get out more.  Just sayin’.

You’re probably a little too OCD for your own good.  Okay, maybe a lot OCD.  But a little/lot OCD never hurt anyone.

You just moved again.  It was stressful for you, but it’s gonna be okay.  Say it with me, “It’s gonna be okay.”  Today is the first day that you’ve felt really settled since moving to Boston.  You know Hope, it’s a little sad that the reason you feel settled is that because it’s the first time in a month (which is how long you’ve been in Boston) that you’ve gotten caught up with the laundry.  Whew.  That laundry can really stress you out.

You love living in Boston so far, it’s lots of fun.  There’s so much to do and see.  And living in an urban environment is neat too.  Why, just yesterday, you could hear your neighbor cutting her fingernails (or maybe toenails, who knows) through your open bedroom window.

You’re 5 feet tall (roughly the 2nd percentile for your age) and *** pounds.  Yeah, let’s not talk about the pounds.  You wish that shopping for clothes was as easy as it is shopping for your children.  Like, you could just go to the mall and grab a dress with the size, “28 year old girl,” on the tag and it would look good.  On a good note though, you are 3 inches taller than what Massachusetts law requires for riding in a car seat.  Congratulations!

You’re working really hard to speed up your development in areas like patience, kindness, and self control.  Seems so funny that you thought that you had these milestones met at your 22nd birthday.  Don’t worry though, you are als0 working on your abilities with grace and mercy.

Happy birthday, Hope.



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