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On Your Birthday

We snuggled in bed before breakfast.  Your hair smelled like burt’s bees shampoo.

You ate 3 pancakes, some pear, and 2 handfuls of cheerios for breakfast.


You wore robot pajamas.

You sounded a little raspy because you were getting over a cold.

You sat at the table while me and your sisters made your birthday cupcakes.



Your sisters gave you great big kisses.

We laughed over the fact that every time we tell you say, “Mama, ” you say, “Dada,” even though you can say about 10 other words.

Memmie made you an owl t shirt (for your owl themed party).

We wrapped your presents.

I laughed that your first birthday pictures would have no little teeth in your grin.  Maybe you’ll get some teeth soon?

We hung the birthday banner and the stuffed owls memmie and me made.

I wanted to crawl into the fetal position as I said goodbye to your babyhood looked forward to the next stage of your little life.

(I really do look forward to the next stage).



You took a long nap while I made you owl cupcakes and and owl cake that was all for you.

Our Portugese landlords woke you up from your nap while they were making wine in the basement.

I got you out of your crib and snuggled with you in the red rocking chair in your room.

You fell asleep for a few moments with your face snuggled into my neck.

I thought about packing up the receiving blankets in the basket on the changing table to make room for your new trains.

I sent your dad out twice to get supplies for the cupcakes.  We needed more oreos the second time.

I got you dressed in the outfit that me and Memmie picked out just for you.


You wore your new yellow converse shoes.


You reached for the owls hanging in the doorway.



We took pictures of you outside.  You love to walk along the chain link fence- something you’ve never done before.

Memmie and I laughed at what you did when we put your birthday hat on.  You leaned your head way back to try and see it.



Aaralyn said, “Happy Birthday Cole!” from the upstairs window while we were taking pictures.

Daddy fed you pizza instead of letting you feed yourself so that you wouldn’t get food on  your birthday clothes.




We invited the Fishers and 3 girls from church over to sing happy birthday to you and eat cupcakes.


You cried when we put the birthday hat on you before we sang happy birthday. We ended up taking it off.


You clapped and said, “Yay!” when we sang happy birthday to you.

We took your shirts off when it was time for you to eat cake.


We gave you your owl cake and you didn’t know what to do with the chocolate frosting (at first).



You made the biggest mess you’ve ever made while you were eating your cake.


Your belly lapped over jeans.

I helped you open your presents.

Your sisters drooled over your new train set.

We said goodbye to your guests.

Daddy gave you a bath.

Aunt Janna and I tried to make sense of the trains.

I set up the tracks and dreamed of playing trains with you.

You came crawling in the room in your doggy waffle weave pajamas.  Your belly was huge from all of that cake.

You fell asleep in my arms while we were rocking in the red chair in your room.

I lowered you into your bed.  You were so tired that your arms dangled to the sides of you.

I shut the door, realizing that time moves on faster than I even realize.


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