True to my word

Not really.   I didn’t get to the blog yesterday.  😦  😦 😦 😦  Lots of frownies.

I’m pretty crazy tired, but I thought I’d post a short little funny story so that I don’t forget it in the future.

While Adam’s mom was here, she bought my kids this rice krispy treat made with fruit loops.  So, not rice krispies, only fruit loops. The girls saw it on the kitchen counter and said,  “Mommy, can we have some of those colorful cheerios?”

They’ve apparently never had fruit loops before (not a totally conscience choice, we just tend to steer more towards the cheerios I guess).

I wish I had time to write down every single little funny and/ or cute thing that they say.  It’s amazing how quickly you forget those little moments throughout the day.

Anyway, here’s a picture for you that’s completely unrelated.  But it’s one of my favorites right now.  You may have already seen it on facebook, but here goes anyway (sorry, flickr made it look wayyyy too sharp, but I still love it).



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