Oh Christmas Tree

I may officially be a real tree convert.  Last year was our first year getting a real one.  Namely because we didn’t have our tree from Scotland (we were waiting on things to arrive from being shipped overseas).  Now, come to think of it, even we had had our stuff, we still wouldn’t have had the tree, because we ended leaving in Scotland since it wouldn’t fit in our massive container.

I think back to last year this time and I had a newborn in an empty house in Nashville and had only been in the states for a few weeks.  Have I mentioned that that’s sooooooo hard to believe???

Anyway, we went looking for our tree yesterday.  It was so cold.  So very cold.  But we had a lot of fun… we even got to count the rings on the trunk of our tree to see how old it is.  10 years.

Cole had a little feel (and maybe even a taste…. mmmmm, piney) to help us decide on just the right tree.


We decided on this one.  Can you tell? Cole apparently thought the ones on the other side tasted better.


I am so stinking in love with Cole’s hat.  He wasn’t a fan at first, but now that he’s worn it a few times, he asks me to put it on him while we’re in the house.

He learned how to say please a few months ago.  So it went like this… I would say, “Cole, say, ‘please,'” and he would say, “Peeeesh.”  And then I would say, “Hear ya go.” So now, when I say, “Cole, say, ‘please,'” he says, “Hear ya go.”

So, he walks up to me with his hat and says, “Hear ya go.”  LOVE it.


On another note, “Fattttt guy, in a littlllle coat….”  (Always, *always* makes me think of my cousin, that song).


And I saved the very best picture for last.  I asked the guy handling the trees if he could take a family picture for us.  I forgot to mention that the family was more important than the tree.  Am I ever so glad the he got alllll of the Christmas tree in.  Nora’s chin wasn’t so fortunate…


Makes me laugh every time I look at.



  1. Caroline said

    ❤ it! We'll be assisting my Mom in the acquisition of the real tree this year, and although I struggle with the cutting down trees issue a little, I still love it. Have missed it these past two years! Bring on the tasty piney goodness!

  2. Kristie said

    Oh Hope! That was fun to read. Your little man sure is getting big fast! Not to mention those precious girls. I too am a real tree convert after having a fake one growing up. Hope you have an amazing Christmas!! 🙂

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