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More of Caroline

I got to take pictures of Caroline while we were back in the states and just now finally got to finish editing them!  She’s is SUCH A CUTIE.  I just want to EAT her cheeks.  Is that okay???

This one’s still my favorite though:

Oh, I just love her.  🙂

Thanks, Kelly and Clayton, for giving me the opportunity to photograph her!


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A sampling

We’re sitting outside and I don’t have a coat on.  Which is amazing, because we’ve had our heat on since we got back from the states.  The kids are playing. Alanna gets mad that Nora is not obeying her will, so she runs to the side of the house crying.  We don’t get up.  Nora is jumping on the little trampoline that we have.  Did I mention that I don’t have a coat on???  She’s being so cute saying, “Look at me, I’m jumping high mommy!!”  I turn to Adam and say, “I wish we had a little camera video camera combo, we’ve not gotten videos of Nora hardly at all since she was born.” Alanna is still crying at the side of the house. Nora turns around, looks at us, and pees in her boots.  The end.

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